TV Rank: A patent that let’s Google influence your searchresults based on what you are -or were- watching on TV

Rewards are key to in-app ad engagement

  • Three-quarters say they are willing to share digital contact information in return for rewards; more than half will share basic demographic data such as age, gender and ethnicity;
  • Incidents of accidental clicks are less likely with rewarded in-app ads – just 10% said they clicked on such an ad by mistake compared with 15% for video ads and 22% for static ads;
  • The most common in-app rewards are those can be used in the app (77%), 69% in-game currency, 31% unlock content and 29% unlocking a game level.

German broadsheet Die Welt daily generates half its revenue from digital customers who read the newspaper on the iPhone.

In absolute terms, providing iPhone-releases little revenue for publisher Axel Springer, but the penetration of tablet computers is not great. The acceptance of a tablet carrier for digital newspapers, books, magazines and games is growing significantly each quarter.

The presentation was presented yesterday at the quarterly figures show that the newspapersBild and Die Welt daily small half ton of revenue yield. A quarter of them is directly traceable to iPhone readers. The remaining three quarters comes from subscribers who read the newspapers on the web.

thePlatform and Accedo deepen their partnership

thePlatform is a video management platform

Accedo is a sophisticated app developer and app plaform (across several platforms/devices)

Nice partnership: Mass Relevance partners with Facebook