Google Shopping Actions – de Cost Per Sale Adwords oplossing als alternatief voor Amazon

Gisteren lanceerde Google hun Shopping Actions ads. En dit deden ze op een aantal verschillende platformen:

Hiermee kunnen mensen die via Google op zoek zijn naar een product direct iets bestellen via Google. Dus ze betalen aan Google en die vraagt een percentage van de omzet van de retailer. Ze schrijven dat ze dit vooral doen om merken tegemoet te komen die “Waar kan ik X kopen?” intypen bij de zoekmachine.

Shopping Actions by Google Adwords

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De impact van dit nieuwe product is gigantisch. Google krijgt een steeds intiemere relatie met de consument en gedraagt zich op meer vlakken als een platform.

Het Nederlandse introduceerde in 2013 ook een dergelijk product echter is daar in 2016 mee gestopt.

ZipDial functionality overview

ZipDial functionality overview

–> Twitter bought ZipDial (that’s why it’s interesting)

Amazing mobile stats

Amazing mobile stats like:

Mobile Retail Apps that Enhance Customer Experiences

Retail businesses are building mobile apps that do much more than just display products for sale. Mobile apps can shape the in-store experience, empower the purchasing process, and create interesting and dynamic ways to interact with the customer.

Here is a list of mobile apps created by retailers. All of these apps are free.

Customer Service

Customer service apps enhance the in-store experience. They ensure you have a productive and enjoyable store visit, and make sure you are not delayed or disappointed.

Apple Store. The Apple Store app helps you get the most from your visits to the Apple Store. It does this by allowing you to make reservations for Genius Bar one-to-one assistance and sign-up for workshops and events. When in an Apple retail store, you can request help, check in for reservations, receive meet-up alerts, and get free iPad and iPod engraving and signature gift-wrapping for select Apple products. Also use the app to research, configure and purchase the latest Apple products. Available for iPhone.



Redbox This app enhances your experience with the Redbox DVD kiosks. The most intriguing way it does this is by allowing you to reserve a movie from your phone, so the DVD is waiting for you when you get to the kiosk. This is an excellent feature to enhance the Redbox experience. You can also search for movies available at Redbox or at a specific kiosk, and find the closest kiosk with the locator. Available for Android, iPhone.

Starbucks Card Mobile. With Starbucks Card Mobile, you can display your Starbucks Card barcode and make purchases at Starbucks. View your transaction history, track your reward points, and locate a mobile payment Starbucks near you. In addition, Starbucks also has another app,myStarbucks, that has a drink builder, coffee and food menu, store locator, QR code scanner, and gives you access to Starbucks Digital Network for free music and news content on the web.Starbucks Card Mobile is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone. myStarbucks is available for iPhone.

Target. Target’s app helps you find the right products, making your shopping trip quick and easy. The best way it does this is with a My Lists feature. Make a list before you shop. Manage your lists and registries or find a friend’s. Search your store to get item availability and aisle location. Features also include a store locator, barcode scanner to get product details or add product to a list, and coupons for weekly and daily deals. Available for Android, iPhone.

Sanoma looking for best mobile concept competition

Publisher Sanoma media is looking for the best concept for smartphones and tablets and is therefore an idea competition.

Until September 4 to clever and creative thinkers to submit ideas best mobile Sanoma. A jury will judge the entries on mobile ‘innovation’ business, financial feasibility and attractiveness.The publisher has the right after the finals because the idea to develop a working product.

Last year, when the first app Challenge took place 228 ideas were submitted. The idea playhouse for boys and girls from 4-10 years on the iPad ‘then won. The winners are now employed at Sanoma media and work the concept into a working product.

This year’s winner will receive 5,000 euros in cash. When Sanoma decision to work out the idea, the spiritual father as a contractor for 5,000 euros to participate in building his application. In that circumstance he wears the intellectual property of his invention over to Sanoma.



Great responsive ecommerce websites

Great responsive ecommerce websites (

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Google mobile ads overview

Google mobile ads overview