TV Rank: A patent that let’s Google influence your searchresults based on what you are -or were- watching on TV

thePlatform and Accedo deepen their partnership

thePlatform is a video management platform

Accedo is a sophisticated app developer and app plaform (across several platforms/devices)

Nice partnership: Mass Relevance partners with Facebook


Social TV ecosystem


WatchWith – one to watch

Watchwith, the leader in related content syndication, unlocks value across the entertainment industry by transforming how people experience film and television. Watchwith gives content owners and app developers a way to realize new value by creating an engaging layer of time-based related content events, one-click commerce, and contextual advertising around film, television programming and commercials. Watchwith also provides business rules-based syndication of the related content experience to smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, game consoles and OTT set-top boxes. Powered by the Related Content Database™, Watchwith enables content owners to create new licensable related content properties that will generate profits across media far into the future. Watchwith is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


Exmachina: television is the new gaming and vice versa or: television is the slave of our tablet.