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Gamification platforms

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A collection of gamification platforms and their details. For more information of how to evaluate gamification platforms, read this checklist.

Company Platform Description (as on their websites)
Badgeville Dynamic Game Engine Badgeville, the world’s first Behavior Platform, makes it easy for content, commerce and enterprise businesses to measure, surface and influence any high-value user behavior. Universal
Bigdoor Our goal is simple: help web publishers, marketers and developers grow and engage their communities.  We offer a cost-effective, flexible and easy to use suite of tools to quickly build game mechanics into your online experiences and applications. Universal – Websites, communities
Bunchball Nitro Bunchball gives marketers, media sellers and employers the tools they need to drive high-value online engagement through gamification. Bunchball customers are using Nitro, our industry-leading gamification platform, to solve a wide variety of business problems, by encouraging highly valuable user behavior on their site. Universal
beintoo Beintoo is a fast-growing community of apps passionate who want to share their apps experience with friends and discover people with the same interests and close to the them . Come and join Beintoo, you will show to other users how good you are at discovering new apps and at playing with them. You will increase your Bescore level from “Novice” up to “Master” and you will get our virtual currency, the Bedollars, as reward. Mobile
Objective Logistics Muse A retail/restaurant-focused software company that provides an artificially-intelligent, web-accessible labor management platform scientifically proven to increase sales and save managers countless hours of precious time. Retail/Restaurant
Rypple Rypple is a web-based social performance management platform that helps companies improve performance through social goals, continuous feedback and meaningful recognition. Social Performance / Human Capital Management ASalesforce.comcompany
Socialtype Bamboo Socialtype’s new enterprise level product Bamboois a unique white-label software app enabling game
companies to leverage social networks as never before. Empower and reward players, slash user acquisition costs, increase engagement, retention and lifetime network value.
Social networks
Gamify.it The universal Gamification Platform, the game engine for the world and the web. Provides Game Mechanics as a service for any websites and web-enabled applications. Universal – Websites
SCVNGR SCVNGR is a game all about going places, doing challenges and earning points. The game is played from a custom app on iPhone and Android as well as via SMS. It is not a text message scavenger hunt. Instead of riddles to guide you to a place, SCVNGR concentrates on completing challenges at a particular location. Mobile
CloudCaptive UserInfuser CloudCaptive’s UserInfuser platform is a powerful tool designed to drive the engagement of your site’s visitors through the use of game mechanics. The platform allows you to utilize gaming elements such as badging, points, live notifications, and leaderboards to reward and engage your online community. Universal – Websites Open Source
IActionable Engage Engine IActionable is a web based (SaaS) gamification software platform that applies game mechanics to non-game applications. Universal
CrowdTwist Activity Engine CrowdTwist is a social loyalty and rewards platform that activates your audience wherever your brand may be. Loyalty
Manumatix Bamboo San Francisco’s Manumatix developed what it calls a “social rewards platform” called Bamboo that lets companies build applications within Facebook that promote their brands. Fans can be granted points, badges and other rewards for interacting with the application. Social networks (Facebook)
Arcaris A social performance management platform for contact centers. Arcaris brings gamification and social concepts to call centers to encourage positive agent behavior. Call Center
Gigya Gigya makes websites social by unifying the social networks and consolidating the most powerful social features in a single solution. Social networks
Gamisfaction Gamisfaction allows you to reward your Twitter-followers and engage them more with you. Social networks (Twitter)
Play Nicely PlayNice.ly is a bug tracker. It helps you keep track of your code projects and rewards you with achievements which you unlock by doing a good job. You can use it on your own or as part of a team. Support & quality assurance
Punchtab PunchTab is an instant loyalty platform that allows website owners (including bloggers), application developers and brands to create a social and mobile-enabled loyalty program for free in minutes. Loyalty
Keas Keas allows employees to compete in health and wellness. Corporate Health & Wellness
RepTivity With RepTivity, organizations can rank their sales reps based on key performance indicators and publicly recognize sales leaders in a format everyone can enjoy. CRM
Fusion Fusion is building a business collaboration tool for small and medium teams on desktop and mobile, and looking to introduce rewards / incentive systems to drive adoption and usage. CRM, Collaboration
Badgy Badgy is a Social Media CRM for consumer brands. We apply years of social gaming experience to deliver social recruitment campaigns on Twitter and Facebook that increase followers, word of mouth, response rate, and conversion. Social networks, Community, CRM
Bulbstorm Bulbstorm’s social engagement platform empowers brand owners to create interactive web experiences that transform fans into brand advocates. Social networks, Community
Crowd Factory Crowd Factory empowers marketers to quickly and easily add an amplifying social boost to every digital interaction and marketing campaign Social networks, Community
FanGager FanGager allows to create real, consistent, long-term engagement with your fans for the long term and consistently. Social networks, Brand, Fan engagement
RoarEngine Roar Engine puts the power of an incredible social game mechanics platform into your hands, complete with management tools, payment processing, reporting systems. Social networks, Community
Hoopla Scoreboards, points etc. for sales peopl. Salesforce.com CRM
Kitzy Kitzy is a gamification SDK & analytics service – select the game kit for your mobile app, analyse and tune it to engage and retain fans. Mobile SDK & Analytics
Snowfly Snowfly is a full-service employee incentives and recognition company. Utilizing proprietary software along with motivating rewards and the timeless principles of human behavior, Snowfly’s team of professionals will create, implement and manage an online employee incentives and recognition solution for your organization. Call center
Plyfe plyfe gives every consumer the ability to be rewarded for their digital, social, mobile or real-world activities (on plyfe.me or on plyfe’s partners’ sites, facebook pages, and apps), with status and points that can be used for both products and money-can-not-buy-experiences Social networks
MindTickle MindTickle’s SaaS gamification platform makes employee learning and engagement delightful for the users and hassle-free for their customers. HCM
Pug Pharm Picnic Pug Pharm creates a unique “Gameplay Ecosystem” where brands can create individual or cross-property social entertainment that attracts and retains customers and builds brand recognition and loyalty. Marketing
Gaminside GAMINSIDE is a full-service provider for innovative loyalty and gamification programs.
In addition to purely technical solutions such as cross-game CRM, ‘Loyalty Wallet’ or stores, GAMINSIDE also provides full-range services such as sourcing of specials for customers or the production of loyalty cards and branded credit cards.
Fanplayr The goal for Fanplayr is to incorporate gaming and social media into Constant Contact’s campaigns. Loyalty, Marketing
BadgeFarm BadgeFarm is tracking and rewarding behavior to improve user engagement in their customers’ enterprise communities. Social Networks
Mplifyr mplifyr is unique software platform that provides rewards and benefits to individuals, businesses, schools, charities and non-profit organizations using gamification Universal Rewards & Loyalty Launching mid 2012
GameMaki GameMaki offers a unique social discovery app based on photo challenges and branded contests and also does white-label enterprise gamification. Social Networks
Deedyou Deedyou provides game mechanics to the users. Thanks to our wealth of professional and gamer experience we want to allow established websites to boost their growth and harden their communities. Social Networks
Kudos (ISW) Kudos Badges Kudos Badges for IBM Connections is a flexible gamification engine for IBM Connections. By providing achievements and rewards (Kudos Badges), rank and leaderboards (Kudos Rank), and missions (Kudos Missions), organisations can dramatically improve their user engagement and adoption of IBM Connections.In addition Kudos Badges is an extensible platform that can leverage game theory to provide performance management mechanics and reward systems for applications outside of IBM Connections such as HR, Sales Force Management, Help Desks, and many more. Social Networks
Persistent Systems eMee eMee is comprehensive gamification solution that builds on behavioral analytics and social networking so that you can effectively engage your customers, users and employees
, influence desirable end user behavior to achieve your business goals
, and bring exciting visualizations to your operations in a secure, integrated, customizable and gamified way. Universal
Pailz Leaderboarded Leaderboarded unleashes the social media potential of your employees by combining activity on internal networks such as yammer and external networks like twitter to produce a single leaderboard.
Practically Green Practically Green uses gamification and the social web to motivate employees and customers to make healthy green changes at work, at home and in their community. Sustainability
N.N. Universal
N.N. Universal

In addition to these platforms, there are a couple of open source gamification platforms and components as well. Here is a list: