42 delicious and suprising facts about marketing

Hubspot is a great blog. They just released an article with 42 retweetable facts or so…

Here are three of them…


Fantasy: Saying “please retweet” in a tweet only annoys people.

Fact: Saying “Please ReTweet” in a tweet leads to more tweets.


Fantasy: Blogging is overrated & not particularly effective for marketing.

Fact: Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic & 70% more leads than those that don’t

Fact: 57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog.


Fantasy: Email is still one of the most effective ways of communicating with prospects.

Fact: Email usage is declining by as much as 59% across all age groups.

Fact: US internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs & social networks that on email.

Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/23778/42-Tweetable-Facts-to-Squash-Marketing-Fantasies.aspx


Women click on Facebook ads more then men

Research from Hubspot show significant differences in CTR’s between women and men. Interesting, intuition supportive and actionable!

1. Facebook users over the age of 50 are 28.2 percent more likely to click an advertisement than 18 to 29 year-old users.

2. Women age 50 and older are even more likely to click advertisements, at a rate of 31.2 percent higher than young adults.

3. Older Facebook users are nine percent less likely to click the Like button on an advertisement.

4. Men over 50 years old have an 11 percent lower Like rate than younger males and a nine percent lower Like rate than people from all age groups



Open up: Brainstorming techniques

Brainstorming techniques… thinking out of the box… it is difficult… especially if you are always with the same group or same place or same culture or….. bwah! Open up… must of us think it’s fun and appealing if our creative mind is called upon and challenged… by a problem, situation, proposal or quest… I found this article with seven great ideas:

  1. Avoid groupthinking and just email them with the question at hand
  2. Find 10-12 entrepreneurs and give them the problem to solve
  3. Let them play like kids (with Lego e.g.)
  4. Always carry writing cards to write your ideas down
  5. Take a break (from the problem, newsstream, situation, etc etc)
  6. Get the descision makers in the room
  7. Take your team out of the office




Foodily is a Facebook app that makes creating recipes social

Here on AllFacebook I found the announcement of the launch of Foodily… a Facebook app that tries to get consensus over the right ingredients for a recipe… I will give it a try for pesto… the best taste yet I got from my sister Ingrid and at Gary’s Deli Amsterdam…I swear he put red onions in his pesto…


Fashion retailer H&M enters ecommerce with a sale on Elle.com

Here on Mashable you can find the announcement that fashion retailer H&M is selling online on the website of Elle.com. Interesting move….


Linkbuilding with images

Here on Linkspiel I found a great article about how you use images for linkbuilding. It is truly great. In short he writes: facilitate the online sharing and use (by other webmasters etc etc) in gain, or, exchange, if you like, for a link.


Paynearme: every retail outlet a bankstore

Paynearme: pay with cash for your distant purchases at a local retail store… so no more Paypal, creditcards or debitcards…. either you only have cash, want privacy or whatever… this is a great solution… I am especially enthousiastic about the barcode logistiscs… great! Here is a demo on Youtube



Facebook CRM tool

If you are thinking about Facebook Marketing…. you are getting curious… who likes my page? When is the first time the liked my page? How often do they visit my page? How often they click and/or like? And when did they became a fan? And when did they stop being a fan… a quest for information.

a Facebook CRM Tool would be the ultimate solution… Fangager could be a provider of one or two…


Your content doesn’t get shared… what’s up?

Yep…. they did it again: another great blog… Here are nine reasons why your customers and fans don’t share your content…


Facebook fan anatomy infographic

Here‘s an interesting Facebook fan anatomy infographic..