27 startups to watch

27 startups to watch

ActivityHero – Billed as a Yelp for kids

Bluefields – Helping to organize a 2.3 billion-strong market of recreational sports fans

Bombfell – Monthly subscription for men’s clothing

CardFlick – Allows you to create and share digital cards

Chalkable – An app store, aimed at education, with a platform for making the apps work

Fontacto – Virtual phone systems for Mexican and Latin American enrepreneurs and SMB

Groupiter – Group conversations for your Dropbox files

Happy Inspector – Aims to change how inspections are handled forever

Ingresse – Social ticketing for Brazil

Monogram – A “Flipboard for fashion”, aimed at being a personal shopper for your iPad

PocketOffice – Lets you communicate with business customers via email and text, without giving away your information

PublikDemand – Collective complaints platform for use by consumers against large companies

Reclip.It – Coupons collector? Deal destroyer? This is your social network

SqootLocal deals platform, aiming for targeted distribution

Storypanda – Interactive kids books on the iPad

Teamly – Priorities, goals and objective tracking to help you work better

TeliportMe – Like Google StreetView, but without Google or the need for streets. Visit anywhere.

TenderTree – Helping families find caregivers for loved ones

Tie Society – A try-before-you-buy system for ties and more

Timbuktu Labs – An iPad magazine for you and your kids

TokyoOtakuMode – A meeting place for fans of Manga and Anime

Toshl – Helping to make personal finance more fun

TwitMusic – A better way for musicians to share and market their music on Twitter

UmbaBox – Monthly curated packages of handmade goods for women

Uscoop – Social commerce network for the style-minded

Wanderable – Rethinking registries for married couples who want experiences, not stuff

Yogome – Educational games for 6-12 year olds, using iOS