Who is going to be the BIS of virtual currencies? #bis #bitcoin #currency #virtbis

Virtual currencies are popping up everywhere around us and I can imagine someone is building a white label virtual currency platform for etailers and webshops. In other words: start your own virtual currency!

Of course, these virtual currencies you can use, as an etailer, for increasing converstion rates, gaining loyalty and repeat purchases but after a while your customers want to go somewhere else (to buy something you don’t offer).

And then the following questions comes:

  • do other webshops accept your virtual currency as legal tender?
  • and what is your exchange rate?

So… who plays the rol of BIS (Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks) in the world of many, many virtual currencies?

Interesting to meander about.. What are your thoughts? Please use the hastag #virtbis