PowerInbox Runs Facebook, Twitter & Groupon Inside Email

PowerInbox lets email users run applications inside Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook. The startup, which launches Tuesday, is also announcing that it raised $1.1 million in a funding round led by Atlas Venture.

At launch, PowerInbox includes email applications for Facebook,Twitter and Groupon. Each app brings it with it the ability to view and engage with site content from inside the email message.

Email hasn’t really changed in its last 40 years of existence,” PowerInbox founder and CEO Matt Thazhmon tells Mashable. “Looking ten years in the future, I’ll put money on it, email will still have Reply, ReplyAll and Forward, but next to those buttons, you will see an edit button and an app store button … This is the future of email that we are working hard towards and our launch today is the first step towards making this vision a reality.”