Fantasies of future inbox with powerinbox

Since the Birth of email there is No Revelatory Change or new feature we have seen till yet. Powerinbox is the  first step of looking towards the vision of  10 years in the future this was told by  PowerInbox founder and CEO Matt Thazhmon however Email Will still have  Reply, Reply All and   Forward but what new you will notice might be a edit button and an app store button next to these buttons . They are working hard to make their Vision A realaity and The power inbox is the firstrong presence towards it.


These Application Will allow a end user to run applications inside Gmail hotmail or outlook the startup has raised $1.1 million in a funding round led by atlas ventures which was launches on Tuesday.

Power box will enable user to experience the liveliness of the inbox such as stock notification will come to life with power inbox what more when one when enjoy. A Facebook notification email displays photos, comments and Likes, and allows the user to comment from inside the message. A Twitter follower notification lets you follow back, tweet inside the message and view the person’s recent tweet.


The same user can manage Netflix movies Bidding on E bay Auctions Booking of flights and play  games which is not possible now.