Infographics about e-mail marketing

Blogpost of Hubspot about 11 great e-mail marketing infographics (link)


Factors that influence the value of a link

Ever asked yourself… what does Google know/question itself before indexing a link?… click here


Impact of display on the value of search

Here’s a great article on the impact of display on search… in a few months or years you could get fired not retargeting that expensive search traffic…


Banner optimization

Banner optimization…. lessons learned and best practices… read more


Linkbuilding with images

Here on Linkspiel I found a great article about how you use images for linkbuilding. It is truly great. In short he writes: facilitate the online sharing and use (by other webmasters etc etc) in gain, or, exchange, if you like, for a link.


Linkprospecting – tips from SeoMoz

SeoMoz has another great post about linkprospecting… the work most of us dislike more or less..


Reduce Email Unsubscribes

To reduce e-mail unsubscribes I found three suggestions at Pratical E-commerce

  1. Provide frequeny options
  2. Offer more relevant lists
  3. Offer an alternative media or sabbatical