Eight technologies that matter in our time

Mashable highlights these eight technologies as most important for our business:

  1. Smartphones
  2. 3G and 4G broadband wireless internet
  3. Cloudcomputing
  4. Voice command & Eye tracking
  5. Augmented Reality
  6. Social networking
  7. CAD, 3D printing and Custom products
  8. Autonomous Cars

I would add Kinetic myself… I belief that is huge


Open up: Brainstorming techniques

Brainstorming techniques… thinking out of the box… it is difficult… especially if you are always with the same group or same place or same culture or….. bwah! Open up… must of us think it’s fun and appealing if our creative mind is called upon and challenged… by a problem, situation, proposal or quest… I found this article with seven great ideas:

  1. Avoid groupthinking and just email them with the question at hand
  2. Find 10-12 entrepreneurs and give them the problem to solve
  3. Let them play like kids (with Lego e.g.)
  4. Always carry writing cards to write your ideas down
  5. Take a break (from the problem, newsstream, situation, etc etc)
  6. Get the descision makers in the room
  7. Take your team out of the office




Fashion retailer H&M enters ecommerce with a sale on Elle.com

Here on Mashable you can find the announcement that fashion retailer H&M is selling online on the website of Elle.com. Interesting move….


Social shopping sites for merchants

Practical E-Commerce found thirteen usefull (US Market) social shopping sites for merchants. Interesting… Read the whole story here.


Relationship brand and customers thrue apps

Three apps that will change the relationshop between brand and customers.

  1. We and Co
  2. KIIP
  3. One