Once: photojournalism for the iPad

On TechCruch a really beautiful new iPad app promoted… callled Once – photojournalism


Readmill makes e-book reading social

On Springwise this article about Treadmill, an app that makes the e-book reading experience social


Google E-bookstore and its lessons for others

Google’s E-book store has some wise learnings for publishers and other shopwowners:

  1. Good graphics
  2. Other free stuff
  3. Use Quick views
  4. Personal

Read all of it


eMagazines.com offers publishers analytics and affiliate network for digital editions

Here on AdWeek an article about eMagazines.com which is an affiliate network  and analytics package in one for tehe measurement and sales of digital magazines.


167 percent up for E-readers or tablets

According to this article on PaidContent the shippings of E-Readers (or tablets) is up 167 percent… and expect to be as low as $100 (about EUR 75) by Christmas


Zinio and Affinity team up to analyze digital magazine marketplace

On Audience Development an interesting article about Zinio and Affinity teaming up