Coca cola’s mobile advertising rule

Coca-Cola has a guideline saying for their mobile advertising, 70-20-10. 70% is SMS; 20% is mobile web; 10% is apps. Read more


Google: 40% of searches on mobile are local

Google announced that 40% of searches on mobile phones have a local component or indication in it… and it also announced that the proximity of a local business to a user’s location will become a targeting variable when serving ads to mobile users.


Local coupons by the numbers

On Mediapost a great post about local couponing, here are some numbers:

  • 67% thinks that location based coupons on a mobile are usefull
  • 42% already used this in some wayu
  • 25,6% would like to receive them automatically when near a store
  • 51,1% prefer to receive them by email
  • 31% would like to receive them thrue SMS
  • 39,9% would scan a QR code
  • 10,3% a mobile checkin
  • 18,1% said they didn’t want to receive anything


Appcelerator starts mobile app marketplace

Appcelerator start a mobile app marketplace for developer to buy and sell add-ons for it’s Titanium platform


iCircular: coupons to support new revenues streams in publishing

iCircular, an initiative of Associated Press with some US publishers is launched aiming to capitalize on the good local retail relationships of newspapers and their audiences. Read more


Great presentation about crossmedia campaigns

On Slideshare I found a great presentation about crossmedia campaings. Check it out!


Essential: best practices on following up on leads

Another terrific article from Hubspot about follwoing up on your leads to get the most out of them.

  1. Time and timing to follow up
  2. Webactivity (pageviews, time on site)
  3. Open rate and Click Through Rates


28 percent of US Adults Use Location-Based Services

On Pratical E-Commerce a nice article about the use of location based services by adults in the US.. that’s a whopping 28 percent!


Quietly big banks get into daily deals

On Streetfight, a blog about local marketing, I found an article about big money (American Express and others) getting into daily deals… very interesting. Here is the link



Local mobile search grows and grows

In an article of Marketingprofs is stated that local mobile search grew with 34% last year. More trends in the article