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Tag management tools

Tag management doesn’t look like one of the most sexy things of ecommerce, but actually it is. Read here more about it. In another blogpost you can find some considerations you should take in account when deciding which platform to buy. This article has some comparison in it. And here are some usage stats.

Tag management tools:

Lists of data sources

Lists of data sources

Top 10 big data tools #bigdata #analytics #top10

Top 10 big data tools

  1. Mixpanel
  3. Chartbeat
  4. Dataprovider
  5. Cooladata
  6. Kissmetrics
  7. Amplitude
  8. Zapier (API connector)
  9. IFTT


  1. Parallels
  2. Databricks
  3. WeWiredWeb
  4. Cloudwork
  5. Azuqua
  6. Import2
  7. Gooddata (DMP SaaS)
  8. Qubole (DMP SaaS)
  9. TellApart (integrating Predictive Analytics, RTB and marketing automation)
  10. Datahero (
  12. Bigml
  13. (API connector)
  14. Innometrics

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Use of data driven marketing within organizations #bigdata

Use of data driven marketing within organizations

  • 57% of marketers believe personalization is important to their long-term goals.
  • Among the top-performing 20 percent of companies, there is a 43 percent greater likelihood of using content targeting.
  • Those companies that targeted more than 20 percent of their site visitors achieved twice the average conversion rate.