Meet Iris, Android’s Siri

Meet Iris, Andoid’s Siri (and it looks & sounds better!)


The importance of UGC for shopping by Millenials

The importance of UGC (User Generated Content) for shopping by Millenials


The rise of the QR code in magazines

Here is a great article about The rise of the QR code in magazines

The study found that advertisers and editors are no longer creating codes that send readers to a desktop site. Instead, the goal is to engage users with branding campaigns and product demos, m-commerce initiatives, social media and sweepstakes for building customer databases.

More than half (54%) of action codes featured video for showcasing products, offering behind-the-scenes footage or how-to guides. Nearly a third (30%) of codes were used for list-building, 23% enabled sharing a video or product information via social properties, like Facebook and Twitter, and 19% linked to an e-commerce store.


An entrepreneur about getting funded in The Netherlands

An entrepreneur about getting funded in The Netherlands:

We are a team of three from Europe. In 2008, we founded an email startup in the Netherlands, a country known for it’s liberal attitudes (as anybody who has been to Amsterdam would acknowledge).  But when it came to starting an Internet startup and raising initial funding it was exactly the opposite, totally conservative. We had “business angels” asking for more than 40% of the company for just a $60k investment. I am glad we never took that money.  We did end up in a startup incubator. The incubators don’t invest money over there. However you can get very small loans on reasonable terms from affiliated banks to get started.