The seven secrets of Youtube

I found it a little cheesy.. but if you read it carefully it has an important message… link


Crazy egg webanalytics

Found this post about crazy egg webanalytics… check it out


Increase video conversions

Here on Reel SEO a nice blog about increasing your conversions from video marketing.



Acquire new customers on Facebook

In this post some details about getting new customers from Facebook… key takeaways:

  • mine the social graph, including Facebook, for purchase intent, based on relationships and published gestures and comments. In this way we can target or re-target consumers based on affinity and conversation;
  • for many businesses Facebook is the number one referrer of traffic and online sales. Simply by optimizing the website and brand page, integrating paid, owned, and earned media across a more social customer journey including Facebook, and understanding the behavior of our Facebook customer (what, when and where they like, click and share), we can create models to predict referral traffic;
  • social commerce and social sampling demonstrate positive immediate return on investment if we create unique, curated experiences on Facebook rather than duplicate website or advertising content


Astonishing: the effects of social sharing

The effects of social sharing:

  • 160% more pageviews on blogs
  • 149% more inbound links
  • 55% more comments

Read more….


After the URL now the QRL: Quick Respons Like

On The Next Web I found this post about QRL’s.. Quick Respons Likes… you get the idea! There’s a demo in the blogpost.


Five new f-commerce shop tools

Here are five new f-commerce shop tools


Sonar me finds friends near you based on social graph finds who’s near you and prioritizes by your social graph, (people you know) and recommends what to do.


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Google E-bookstore and its lessons for others

Google’s E-book store has some wise learnings for publishers and other shopwowners:

  1. Good graphics
  2. Other free stuff
  3. Use Quick views
  4. Personal

Read all of it


Washington Post learns its editors linkbuilding and linking

The Washington Post learns its reporters and editors about linkbuilding and linking and that’s an interesting case… they even talk about linking inside the newspaper…. read more