10 ways to track omnichannel conversions #crossmedia #omnichannel

  1. print a coupon on all your (cash register) receipts and let them redeem it online
  2. let visitors in your shop register (instore on an ipad of online at home) for an account online and redeem a coupon by entering their receipt code
  3. call tracking; use a different phone number for each channel and/or ad (e.g. Google Call Extensions)
  4. print a barcode on your Direct Mail and ask your customers to redeem it online
  5. put a code in an e-mail and offer the possibility to redeem the discount or coupon offline / instore
  6. put a different, shortened URL, with a tagged URL behind it on each offline ad
  7. create custom landingpage for each offline contactpoint
  8. let instore shoppers send an SMS to a displayed responscode for instant discount (at the cash register) and return it with a couponcode; once redeemed (in seconds, still in store) send them a second SMS with a reward when they register online for an account
  9. let instore shoppers go to your website on their smartphone, push the button ‘redeem cash coupon’ with an emailadres and you have A) a mobile cookie, B) an opt-in emailadres and C) higher conversion rates instore
  10. if you have an app, let users checkin when they are in your store (or creating an account) , and connect the checkin’s with your CRM